Aug 26, 2015

Summer Paisley

These were the first pictures Bekka took post baby (two weeks after Ali's arrival) and even though I was super proud that I could fit into my pre pregnancy jeans, I was still feeling bloated and strange in my own skin. I was one of those gals that thought she would kind of fall back into normalcy quickly after birth - both physically and emotionally. Well, I was wrong. My emotions were all out of whack - crying spurts, high anxiety and just an overall feeling of being lost within all the happiness of motherhood. Physically - extreme lack of appetite and energy and an uncomfortable two week recovery from an unexpected c section and high blood pressure. However, I found that one of the things that got me out of the baby blues funk was getting dressed every day. And I mean dressed. Getting out of my pjs or loungewear, putting on some light makeup, dressing in upbeat bright colors and going outside to breathe some fresh air with Baby Ali. It's amazing how much your mood can improve when you follow a semi beauty routine and get out of the house. Being around other people, getting some sun and doing some light walking (if you're recovering from surgery) can go a long way in improving your physical and emotional mood. 

Top: Tory Burch (on sale! also here - order a size down)
Jeans: Current Elliott (on sale! also here)
Shoes: Coach (on sale!)
Bag: Coach x Bloomingdale's (on sale! also love this one)


  1. Love your outfit. Looking fabulous as always. Your wedges are so cute!

  2. I think you are amazing! Wow, I only hope that I look half as good as you when that time comes for me! xx

  3. I love that top!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  4. love this paisley print paired with your pale blue denim! Such a pretty combo!

    The Style Scribe

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