Sep 1, 2015

Easy Breezy

I can't believe September is already here! Keeping it short and sweet this morning as I'm absolutely exhausted. I present to you my uniform as of late - a sleeveless button down, comfy denim and even comfier flats. There's a ton of Equipment pieces on sale at Nordstrom and this was a fantastic find for less than $60. It's a shirt I know I'll get a ton of wear out of - just like every other Equipment top I own.

Top: Equipment (on sale! dress version here; also love this one)
Jeans: Current Elliott (on sale! also here)
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik (also love these)


  1. I finally hopped aboard the light wash denim train and am in love with them. I really like them paired with your pink collared top, too! So adorable!

    XO, Jaime | RegallySoled.com

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