Sep 12, 2015

Seven Days a Week Jeans

This post was sponsored by DENIZEN® from Levi's®.

Don't you love when you find jeans that just work with everything? I sure do and that's why it was love at first sight with my new Essential Stretch Modern Skinny DENIZEN® from Levi's® jeans. The style, fit and price tag had me jumping for joy as this pair really is the perfect seven days a week Jeans. Here I'm styling them for everything from a trip to the grocery store, a Sunday brunch, a cooler fall afternoon, a football Sunday and even a casual date night with my main squeeze. Do you own a pair of perfect seven days a week jeans? If not (or if you just want a second or third pair!) then run over and take advantage of these - I promise you'll fall in love just like I did! You can buy your own pair of DENIZEN® by Levi's® jeans at Target or Target.com.

Your on-the-go life requires jeans that move with you, hold their shape and flatter every step of the way. DENIZEN® jeans offer fits and styling uniquely designed to make you look incredible. Find your perfect seven days a week jeans at DENIZEN.com.


  1. cute! i love the denim on denim combo :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

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