Oct 9, 2015

Mom Style: Chambray

Happy Friday, everyone! I've been looking forward to this weekend because it's going to be a fun one - dinner with friends and babies in Brooklyn on Saturday, a wedding on Sunday, AND a holiday on Monday. All good things. Thrown in between all that will be our daily walks to the park which have become a really fun activity that I know Ali enjoys as much as I do. Our walks give me some exercise, fresh air and a change of scenery while Ali looks around and takes in all the people and beauty of Central Park. Most days I dress in my workout clothes (fancy of me, I know) but other days I feel like putting on real clothes. It's on those days that I always reach for my Current Elliott broken jeans and my faithful Converse - my mommy uniform.

Top: Current Elliott (also love this)
Jeans: Current Elliott (on sale!)
Shoes: Converse
Bag: Bottega Veneta (smaller version here)


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