Jan 25, 2016

Winter Beauty Classics

I like to keep my beauty routine simple. In the winter my focus is turned towards keeping my skin hydrated since the cold air can leave your skin feeling dry and flaky.  My repertoire consists of a narrowed down list of go-to, trusted, can't live without products - a luxurious eye and lip cream that leaves both areas silky smooth, a BB cream that perfects my skin tone, a bronzer that leaves my cheeks with a sun kissed glow and a moisturizer that never fails to leave my face feeling fresh and oh so soft. These right here are the nine beauty products I simply can't (and won't) live without during the winter season.


  1. i need to try that concealer! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. I second what Jillian said about the concealer! I've heard absolutely amazing things!
    The Adored Life

  3. Winter beauty essentials are a must! I'm also a big fan of NARS. Love their makeup products!

    The Style Scribe

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  5. Love this! Thanks for the recommendations!

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