Mar 22, 2016

Caviar Color

There's two things I absolutely love about this look - these stunning LAGOS earrings and this incredibly cozy Joseph poncho. I'm a big fan of understated, delicate earrings so naturally these LAGOS beauties caught my eye as soon as I spotted them. The poncho was more of an impulse buy. Whoops. However, it's an impulse buy I definitely do not regret. It's been the perfect thing to wear during these slightly chilly nights when the weather has called for a light jacket or sweater. See below for some more of my favorite LAGOS and Joseph pieces - all perfect for these new days of spring. Happy first week of spring, everyone!

Top: Joseph
Jeans: DL1961 (also love these)
Shoes: Coach
Earrings: thanks to LAGOS


  1. That poncho looks like the coziest piece! It's fab with your flared jeans.


  2. I love the dark wash on the flared jeans! It keeps the look both sophisticated and trendy!
    xx, Merritt
    The Style Scribe

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