Mar 7, 2016

BÉBÉ Talk: Seven Month Update

This update is a bit overdue as Ali turned seven months a couple of weeks ago, but it was one I didn't want to skip. Where has time gone?! I know we say it all the time, "time flies!" but it's unbelievable how much a baby changes in a matter of weeks. 

Ali is very active these days. She loves to play, jump, stand up, and EAT. She's also developed the ability to entertain herself for a few minutes at a time and that is a game changer. She babbles all the time, especially when she's having fun or being spoken to, and you can just tell all she wants to say is "mommy, this is so fun!" The most fun she has these days is at swim class at the West Side YMCA. She's a fish! She loves to be in the water, whether it's the tub or a giant olympic lap pool, and kicks her legs tirelessly as she tries to swim. 

Feeding her and prepping her meals is one of my favorite things these days. It's funny how she already has such a discernible palate - no broccoli or string beans for this girl! However, all types of fruit (apples and avocado, especially!), rice, peanut snacks and root vegetables are fair game. Regarding peanuts... our pediatrician told us all foods are now OK with the exception of honey and cow's milk so I took that advise and have started giving her a lot of new things to try. My girlfriend had once mentioned an article in the New York Times that was all about feeding babies foods with peanuts at an early age in order to avoid any allergies later in life and I thought that was pretty brilliant. I took the advise and bought Ali a snack called Bamba. She loves it! They are little peanut puffs that she just picks up and nibbles on while she watches us eat or when she's a little hungry but it's not yet meal time.

The challenges are still there and it's sometimes still a struggle to find a balance. Kenny and I take our short breaks over the weekends and she'll go out with just one of us for a long walk so the other can just sit and relax... or sleep. I still workout at night, after work, and on those days I don't get home until close to her bedtime. Generally we get about 3 hours a day together during the week. Weekends are solely devoted to her and, honestly, they fly by. We're trying to cherish every moment with our little baby (that's not so little anymore!) because she is growing up so, so fast.

Babies change their parents lives forever. That's all very true. But they change it for the better. Ali is my absolute favorite person and it's a blessing to watch her grow up and become her own tiny person.

Lastly, see below for Ali's new favorite products, toys, clothes, and more. 


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  1. She is sooo sweet!! violet loves avocados too! i need to introduce peanut butter to her soon, im pretty sure she will love it. you are doing a great job mama! xo jillian - cornflake dreams


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