Jul 20, 2016

Red, Blue and Caviar

Happy Monday, everyone!

I'm excited to introduce you today to my latest LAGOS obsession, the Caviar Color Bracelet. You've heard a lot about my love for the brand and its Caviar collection but this bracelet has become my go-to piece of jewelry for the season. My Caviar Color Bracelet adds just the right amount of sparkle to my summer stripes. And the most exciting thing is that you all have a chance to win a Caviar Color Bracelet of your own. LAGOS is giving away one of these beauties every single week of July and it is incredibly easy to enter. Just enter your name and email address and you'll be entered for a chance to win. Good luck!

Dress: thanks to Sail to Sable
Bracelet: thanks to LAGOS
Shoes: thanks to Banana Republic
Wallet: Chloe


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  2. The dress is good, look elegant.
    Hope you like this dress, it is similar with yours

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  4. The combination of blue and red always looks very nice and very intelegent and attractive.


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