Nov 29, 2016

A LAGOS Holiday

As most of you already know from some of my previous posts and outfit shots I have been a long time fan of LAGOS. And needless to say, this holiday season's collection did not disappoint me in the very least. For the benefit of full disclosure, you won't usually find me sporting pearls but my Luna Pearl Double Strand bracelet was truly love at first sight. This holiday season will be the perfect time to pull out my more classic jewelry pieces -- i.e. my pearls -- to attend family gatherings, office parties and dinners and for some special occasions with my little family. I'm also looking forward to gifting two of these beauties to two very special women in my life, my mom and mother in law. I think they will be delighted to find a beautiful purple LAGOS box at their doorstep in a few weeks!  

And, of course, for myself, I couldn't keep it to just one LAGOS piece at a time. I paired my Luna Pearl bracelet with the Caviar Icon Gemstone bracelet since I love to stack these beauties. Some other options I love for the holidays? These gorgeous Infinity Drop earrings and the stunning Caviar Icon Caviar necklace. A girl can dream, right?

Bracelets: thanks to Lagos, here and here.
Coat: Zara
Leggings: David Lerner


  1. i love the black and white combo! gorgeous! xo jillian - cornflake dreams


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