Nov 17, 2016

Reebok Perfect Never

Having a 15 month old baby girl means running around a lot and, in my opinion, there's nothing more comfortable for running around in than a great pair of sneakers and some stretchy (and chic!) athletic wear. Reebok recently sent me some new kicks and new gear for me to try out and it was love at first wear and sight. I have been sporting my new Reebok Women Studio kicks everywhere I go and they feel incredible! It's almost as if I was walking on a puffy cloud. And I love the mesh detailing on the leggings. It adds a unique hint of sexy to what otherwise would be just another pair of black leggings. I'm excited to try out some more of Reebok's new women's styles for winter and, of course, you'll be seeing a few more posts around these parts that focus on athletic wear. In the meantime, you can shop my outfit below.


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